Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Porscha - Back in the rescue

Porscha one of our special needs pups was adopted 2 weeks ago but unfortunately we just got her back. She is a puppy mill survivor, and lost her ability to produce tears because of the neglectful conditions she was kept and bred in. Because of this when she was first rescued her eyes were leather dry, and she was unable to see at all. The first vet even recommended to take the eyes out. But the true survivor she is, with a little meds and tlc she pulled right around and even re-gained most of her vision. Her new sister was unable to accept another dog in the household which cause tension between the two dogs and made them both snappy. Despite our best efforts to make the pair hit it off which included 2 play dates before the adoption, where they got along great. Once Porscha was in her new friends territory things were not the same. Porscha also has trust issues with men, no fault of her own. Her only previous experience with humans was negative, and most likely a male. It takes just a little bit of time and tlc for a male to gain Porscha's trust, 2 weeks is in no way a reasonable time to expect her to gain trust. She was unable to connect to the male in the house, which was very discouraging and became frustrating. Porscha sensed the frustration, which made her even more terrified. She has and can connect to males, as she has shown in her foster home it simply is a matter of time. Porscha is now happy as can be back in the arms of her previous foster home, and is there to stay until we find a suitable family for the little one.

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  1. Hi! Im interested adopting Porscha, and would love to know more information about her...Thanks so much..