Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dewey wrap-up (Case closed!)

Dewey is a regular little pup; full of love, joy, happiness, gets into trouble and still has accidents in the house. He is your typical 3 months old puppy. However unfortunately for Dewey his elbow was broken while being punished for something that, well every puppy does. Dewey had an accident in the house. He then faced three options, being euthanized at such a young age, leave it un-treated and have a life long issue with the joint or have the corrective specialized orthopeadic surgery done.

Dewey is a fantastic puppy, with a whole life ahead of him; an accident in the house should not have to mean the end of his short life (or a broken elbow).

We were able to raised 1,040$ online and 300$ at our Nail Cutting / Dewey Meet 'N Greet Fundraiser of 2000$ for Dewey's surgery and had the surgery done within 48 hours of him being surrendered. He was operated on February 12th 2010 by Dr. Auger at The Riv-Sud Veterinary Hospital. The surgery went GREAT and was a huge success. Dewey now has a 100% chance of recovery with no life long issues.

We would like to thank the people who made it happen! - who helped SAVE this puppy

The contributors; Barbara Howard (Curly's momma), Susanna Burak (Cricket's momma), Steven Monsour (Tango's dad), Kimberly Jeffrey, Jennifer Mete, Sylvia Bongiovanni, Douglas Stein, Arlene Nadeau, Kristen Theodore, Naomi Abbey, Danielle Pare, Joyce Stempkowsky, Nancie Jirku, Elena Caro, Rick Kimmel, Heather Winter, Jessy J Sebastian, Anouk Bachman, Marie-Aude Gagnon Rousseau (Coco aka Maggie's momma), The Akerleys (Kenya's family), Aliki Courmanpoulos, Matthew Forbes, Mary Davanzo, Stefanie Anderson (Bandit's momma), Krysten Authier (Moon's momma), Brian Sargent, Kristin Minorgan,

The staff at Riv-Sud, and the dedicated doctors and staff at The Animal Health Clinic who worked together to make this happen.

Also huge thank you to everyone who showed their support and concern for Dewey, and for those who took the time to drop by and say hi to Dewey at his Meet 'N Greet February 21st.

Dewey was adopted February 3rd 2010 to a lovely family who followed his story from the start. They have taken on the task of his physiotherapy and countless post-op veterinary check ups. But he is now guaranteed a long, loving life in his new home with plenty of love and space to run (once physiotherapy is over of course). We can not wait to see him finally be able to just be a bouncy playful puppy again, after having to put that (or at least us trying to) on hold for a few months while he healed.


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