Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maggie (Magpie) - R.I.P

We are very sad to announce that Magpie passed away recently during a routine spay. She had complications during the surgery that ultimately led to her heart stopping. Although she was revived within a few seconds, it was enough time to cause serious brain damage. I sat with her for 4 hours with her hooked up to oxygen, hoping and praying for her to wake up and be ok. Unfortunately the grim reality became all too true, Maggie was not going to be able to wake up. At 7:50 pm the clinic began to close for the night, and we had to disconnect her from the life support. Although we contemplated transferring to the emergency 24 hour hospital, she began to crash immediately after being disconnected. We had to face the facts that Maggie's brain damage was too severe, and had to humanely euthanize her.

May you rest your head in peace Maggie, we fought for you from start to finish. May we save many more in your honour.

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