Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kenya (aka Leyla) - Update

We just got this email from Kenya in!

Hi Caroline, Joanne and Charlie! Well, I’m so happy in this house. I go for a long walk or a run every morning and then get to snooze until lunchtime. OOOOOOOH, I love noontime! I get to go to the park and make lots of friends! So many smells, too. It’s awesome! My pack leaders make sure I don’t pull on my leash, but when we’re near the dog park I just can’t help it. My friends are waiting over there! I take another nap after lunch and then play with everyone when they get home. After another walk, I get my dinner and hang out with everyone. I know I’m not supposed to beg or eat people food, so I just sit quietly while my pack eats.

A couple of weeks ago, a really nice man (with yummy treats) took out those itchy stitches. I can hardly tell I had a wound there, well, except that my fur hasn’t come back yet.

I get to play in the country on the weekends, but I really don’t like going in the car. I hope I’ll get over it when I’m bigger. I like to go outside at the chalet and watch the birds and smell the wild animals. I can stay outside as long as I want, or I can sleep in front of the wood stove. What a life!

Thanks for finding my pack!


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