Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet Charlie

Breed: Pit-Bull x Lab
Sex: Male,
Age: 1 year
Good with: Dogs, Cats, and Kids

This big lover boy was going to be euthanized after the previous owners realized they could no longer keep him and being turned down by many other rescues. The wife became allergic and husband changed shifts at work. He is great with kids and grew up with a 2 year old, now 3 years old. He knows his basic commands, house broken and crate trained. However with close to 100lbs of pure muscle (and love!), he is a big boy and needs a strong experienced owner. Regardless of his size and statue, he may look fierce but he is actually one big suck. He gives great big kisses and likes to roll on his back for tummy rubs. Being young he is excited and could use more training, would also do better in an active house hold. He is really an amazing dog and would make the absolute perfect, loyal best friend.

He has been; Veterinary check and is healthy, vaccinated against DHPP-Lepto-Rabies, Heart Worm tested negative, and had a treatment of Advantage Multi 100 to treat and prevent Fleas/Mites/Intestinal Parasites.


  1. i miss him so much, he is seriously the best dog in the world, He loves to cuddle and knows when youve had a bad day, and knows when you dont feel well...he is amazing.

  2. We met Charlie at the foster's home and what a sweetie he is! Yes, he's a big, strong dude, but he loves to be pet and just makes you smile. I hope he finds a wonderful home!