Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meet Cricket: One of the 15 feral kittens for a feral population we are trying to place.

Cricket a 2 moth old female kitten was caught Saturday. She is one of the 5 we have been able to catch from a feral kitten population of 15. She is part of a population of feral cats that we are currently working on by catching, socializing, and placing the kittens and spaying the mothers

All of the kittens are covered in fleas, and have eye infections. Some of the kittens we are unable to catch are even blind from the secretions of the eye infections sealing their eyes shut. Once they are caught we given them a pill to kill all the current fleas within hours, and revolution to prevent any future fleas developing. The revolution also treats and prevents any possible intestinal parasites and mites. 

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